Natural Glamour

After undergoing a packaging makeover, Natural Glamour were looking to update their range of make up brushes to reflect their chic new look. The client had a specific look and feel in mind that would ultimately complement their elegant and refined packaging. 


Gloss Design was required to source three types of brushes - a body brush, face brush and long handled make-up brush. All were required to have metallic handles with the capacity for overprint of the Natural Glamour logo. The bristles needed to be luxuriously soft in a stunning cobalt blue and produced at a cost that would accomodate a medium retail price point.


Gloss Design sourced samples and after going through multiple rounds of revisions and options with the client developed prototypes for all three brushes. Once the final designs had been approved Gloss was then able to supervise manufacture, production, quality control, packaging and delivery to Natural Glamour’s central warehouse in Melbourne. 

Natural Glamour Brushes