South East IT

The Brief

Rebrand their existing identity. This family run IT business wanted a bold, modern new look in order to stand out and gain a competitive advantage on competitor businesses.

South East IT offer IT support and resources to a number of companies, large and small. They wanted a new logo that would reflect their values but that would also be adaptable as their business grows. A new logo and colour scheme was required to create a unique identity for the business.

The Solution

Gloss developed a colour palette that was both dominant and eye catching that would stand out online and in print. We created an icon that summarised the brands key offerings - the 'i', 't' and an arrow pointing South East - where the business resides. The result was a simplistic symbol that could be used as a lone standing icon or alongside the company name. 


Scope of the job

  • Visual Identity
  • Stationary
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Wayfinding signage systems

The Outcome

The logo has been used successfully for corporate collateral and South East IT is currently in the process of translating their new branding across to their website.