The Brief

To develop visual communication material that would help differentiate the scope of the development, while also highlighting investor opportunity.

Landcom, part of the NSW Government Department of Urban Affairs, is the owner, master-planner and master-developer of Victoria Park. The 10 year development project is estimated at over $1 billion and is one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects.

A strong, visual solution was needed to create a unique identity for the development. This also needed to work synergistically with numerous sub-brands involved in the project.

The research findings

Victoria Park is one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects: estimated at over $1 billion and 10 years to complete.

However, it soon became apparent the necessity to manage the overall visual branding and positioning of Victoria Park. This was in relation to the fact there would be five competing sub-brands and owners. There was also the problem of overcoming perceived developer scepticism of Landcom’s ability to deliver an inner-urban project of this size.

Scope of the job

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Imagery Implementations
  • Marketing Literature
  • Internal display suite graphics
  • External advertising billboards
  • Wayfinding signage systems
  • Marketing promotional items
  • Brand Management
  • Project Management
  • The outcome

As the brand guardians for Victoria Park, we were in constant communication with the five developers to ensure that any secondary marketing material complemented and enhanced the brand.

The solution

Working closely with Landcom’s marketing consultant, Seymour Strategists, a strategy was developed that enabled us to create a signature visual style identifying Victoria Park as a single branded development. It was important that the foundation imagery and tone of voice worked throughout all marketing materials, but could also be extended into corporate executions eg. street signage. The imagery capitalised on the heritage of the site and its evolution from a horse racing track, aerodrome and car manufacturing plant.

A corporate identity had previously been created and it was important that our branding solution allowed for seamless integration of the ID. The resulting theme line “Victoria Park – The State of Things To Come” captured the totality of the development as one brand not five sub-brands.

Guidelines were created showing how the brand should be represented at a marketing level and at a corporate level. From this, a variety of marketing and corporate executions including newsletters, calendars, signage, internal marketing, display boards, supersite billboards were developed.