The Brief

Create a more progressive and positive image for the brand.

The client wanted a new look to enhance the perception of the brand amongst existing and potential members.

The Solution

Our recommendation from these findings was to adopt a friendlier look through the use of typography, avoid confusion by dropping the ‘apple’ symbol and to focus on the community and relationships aspect instead.

A revolutionary new marque was created capturing the company’s corporate mission and value. The figure, with gracefully up-stretched arms, symbolises Victorian Teachers’ Credit Union’s commitment to the community through advice, relationships and services.

This new visual identity fulfilled the original briefing criteria, which stipulates the marque and typography must be suitable for all media, and should not date quickly.


Scope of the job

  • Strategic Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Identity Implementation
  • Visual Identity for Master and Sub-Brands

The Outcome

Victoria Teachers’ Credit Union benefited from an enhanced perception within the education community and a stronger positioning in the market place with membership increasing substantially as a direct result of the rebranding.