Gloss is a creative design studio with a focus on delivering distinctive
and effective creative solutions.

Our solutions are always based on sound business insight, creative and production expertise, and our
extensive experience.

At Gloss we help our clients build sustainable and distinctive reputations for their brands and their businesses.

With diverse talents, and the vital fusion of creative ideas and resource management, we work with our clients to build
enduring brand values and strengthen their business’s creative edge.

Our innovative thinking and creative design combines with sophisticated resources across all elements of design delivery.

Gloss aims to provide inspired creativity and effective implementation on a vast range of projects to help you and your
business really shine.


Ensure your visual identity and literature expresses and reinforces the unique personality of your brand.


Visual Identity

A visual identity encapsulates your brand’s unique ‘personality’ and differentiates it from the competition.

This symbolism helps consumers recognise your brand and its values.

At Gloss we go to great lengths to ensure the success of your brand’s identity, with the strategic development of a name (if required), and the visual appearance of the marque and typography.

Brand Literature

Consistency across the brand is vitally Important, particularly when it comes to the tools you use to communicate with your stakeholders.

These may be website delivery, stationary and promotional material including brochures, tender documents, posters, forms, publications or folders, just to name a few.

Using design, typography, illustration, photography and fine copywriting, Gloss will ensure your literature expresses and reinforces the unique personality of your brand.


Design Imagery

Through in depth consultation, Gloss will analyse trends affecting your business and offer a clear perspective on a defining design solution.

A set of attributers, both current and desired is defined to support the design solution.

Brand Management

Building a great brand is a long-term process involving every part of your company.

Gloss can develop the necessary tools to help you create and control all points of brand contact with both internal and external audiences - tangible or intangible.

It could be a simple educational brochure introducing your ‘new look,’ or a comprehensive corporate guidelines manual.

These tools will ensure everyone understands the correct use of all brand elements.

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